Financial planning is about helping you achieve your goals and live your dreams.

It’s a collaborative process, first helping you clarify what’s important to you and why.

We then analyze your current situation and provide a detailed strategy to optimize your financial resources and help you achieve your goals and live your dreams.

We believe that financial planning is an ongoing process that helps you make sound financial decisions daily and navigate many life transition events with ease and confidence. To that point, we check in regularly to provide timely advice and update any changes.



Special needs planning incorporates a financial strategy and estate planning tools that establish a financial safety net to provide for your loved ones with special needs. Some of benefits of special needs planning are:

  • Help you get organized and prepare for a time when you can no longer provide care

  • Help protect public benefits

  • Prepare for futures needs to provide your loved one with special needs with the best quality of life possible

  • Deliver peace of mind knowing that your finances are in order


If an ongoing financial planning relationship is not for you, we may provide some foundational strategies in the areas of your needs.

    • Cash flow optimization – Cash flow is the lifeblood of your well-being and financial independence. We can evaluate your current cash flow and help you manage more efficiently.
    • Insurance planning – Protecting your family and loved ones is important. Without this foundation, any misstep can derail your financial plan and you and your family would have to live with the consequences. Our knowledge in diverse insurance products and strategies can help you implement most efficient plan.
    • Investment management – A well-diversified portfolio and disciplined approach to rebalancing and management are important components to investment success. We provide portfolio analysis and make recommendations that suite your risk profile. Through investment advisory services, we can help you with asset allocation, rebalancing and management of your investment portfolio.


I provide an engaging financial education to employees and members of the organization to help them gain knowledge and insight they need to make better financial decisions. I have been a featured speaker and financial educator for the following companies and organizations:

  • Zappos
  • Echo Star
  • WestCare
  • University Medical Center Southern Nevada
  • Korean Women in Science & Engineering
  • Orange County Society of Health Systems Pharmacists
  • Grant a Gift Autism Foundation
  • Hand-in-Hand
  • Korean Special Needs Parents Support Group
  • Asians and Pacific Islanders with Disability of CA
  • Korean-American Nurses Association of Southern California
  • Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada
  • Global Children Foundation
  • Friends of Parkinson’s